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PU  floor ucrete coating & polyurethane floor service in Pune, Navi Mumbai & Surat

Pu/Polyurethane floor coating

Durable, long-lasting protection

Pu/Polyurethane floor coating is one of the most versatile floor coatings on the market for industrial, commercial, and even residential spaces. Not only does Epoxy offer superior hardness in a variety of colors, but it also has a long lifespan with relatively low maintenance.

  • Epoxy- FLooring
  • PU- Flooring
  • PU crete Coating
  • Anti SKid Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant

Epoxy is utilized for a harder, sway safe ground surface, primarily required for modern regions, for example, distribution centers. Polyurethane/PU floor coating is significantly more delicate and elasticated and thus is best reasonable for a spot with people walking through, vehicle parks and food processing plants. This is a result of the its reasonable attributes, for example,

Flexible – PU/Polyurethane flooring gum frameworks generally offer great flexibility, conceivably obliging minor development though epoxy frameworks are more weak.

U.V Stability – Unlike epoxy, polyurethane floor coating is U.V. stable (aliphatic polyurethanes) which implies it will not yellow when presented to daylight.

Robustness – Like epoxy, pu/polyurethane floor coating is solid and hard-wearing which is especially valuable where there are substantial loads and heaps of dealing.

Trouble-free Maintenance – Barely any support is needed with a polyurethane flooring framework which is significant in occupied 24-hour organizations which expect practically zero personal time.

Weather-resistant – Pu/Polyurethanes floor coating gives unrivaled warmth, cold and warm shock resilience.

Be that as it may, a major hindrance to consider is its affectability to dampness. In case there is a danger of dampness when your new deck establishment is required, it is brilliant to avoid polyurethane as it can extraordinarily affect the future of your floor. Shri Ram Enterprises offer seamless Pu/Polyurethane floor coating services in Pune, Navi Mumbai & Surat.

Industry We Served

Pu/Polyurethane FLoor Coatings work with clients from across an array of industries to create durable and beautiful flooring solutions.